Yellow Dog...

Why Yellow Dog for a cut & sew manufacturing company?

Simply a coincidence... 3 people with a shared interest had an opportunity to make their vision a reality.  It  just so happened that the founders, co-founder, salesman and 1st customer all had Yellow Labrador Retrievers.

So what is it about a Yellow Labrador (Yellow Dog) that attracts us to this particular animal? We cherish our dogs as loved members of our family.

Unconditional Love
Always happy, eager to interact
Hard working
Appreciates reward & praise
Ready to work hard without complaint

This is our mantra and mission; how simple to state it as: Yellow Dog Apparel

​​ Traits
We are predominately Christian; our values are:

  • Honesty.
  • Hard Working.
  • Non-judgmental.
  • Integrity of our product.
  • Integrity of our employee and customer interactions.


​​​​ Vision

  • Employ displaced US workers.
  • Create superior sewn products.
  • Meet the consumers need for personalized quick turn styling.
  • Provide safety apparel & products American made for American workers.

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​ Location

  • Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Had been a garment producing Mecca prior to off-shoring of the apparel industry.
  • Modern Industrial building built for Apparel Manufacturing. 6000 sq ft cutting floor and 12,000 sq ft of sewing floor available.


  • Skilled sewing machine operators with years of sewing a variety of products and fabrications with an extensive variety of machinery.
  • Versatile sewing machine mechanic with years of experience fine tuning equipment to flawlessly sew products for lingerie to Fire Resistant outer wear.
  • Product development team including Patternmakers, Grading, Sample Sewers and Marker Making this group has worked together in a manufacturing capacity and sustained a Product Development business for over 25 years.